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Thank you for visiting my site. I am an author of inspirational, spiritual, and family-related books and the Creator of the Team of Angels pins.  Since May 3, 2013, I have devoted my life to bringing smiles to senior citizens and others who need good cheer with THE HAPPY FLOWER DAY PROJECTLink to The Happy Flower Day Main Website

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Pictured below are pictures of my two faithful flowering volunteers – trusty sidekicks for passing out free flowers adventures. Bob was a friend from my church. He was 91-years-old, served as a Navy officer during World War II, and was a Yale graduate. I learned a lot of history while driving around on our flowering adventures.

My mother Claire was in her mid-eighties when she began helping me with the flower project. She graduated from Villanova University when she was 58-years- old and was selected as the valedictorian. She wrote thirteen books after the age of 60 and always had a kind word for everyone.

I guess we are all late bloomers – just three way past middle-aged people who love being smile bloomers! NOTE: My mother needed oxygen, note the tube – she still went out to help me.

Please see the posts below for stories of our no-fuss, fun, free, fragrant, and fresh flowering good times!

Blooming smiles on a cold Philadelphia day!

Flowers from nature are good for human nature, flowery connections of a social nature….a tour de force for a happy and healthy day in a nursing home! Eight bags of them – about 80 bouquets. Smiles bloom for residents, employees and visitors. And many times, we take flowers to people we meet along the streets or in restaurant parking lots. The perfect way to start my day – as a volunteer Flower Lady!


IMG_2387 (1)IMG_2144 (1)

We are beginning the “Stuffed Animals for Seniors Project” again!

Time to “re-joy” and re-cycle and re-gift new and gently used stuffed animals and clean and freshly-laundered lap blankets! We are “resurrecting the project.” Please use the contact box on this site to get in touch with us  for information. Patricia welcomes interviews and speaking engagements. More than 11,000 stuffed animals and five hundred knitted and crocheted lap blankets  have been delivered to bring smiles and comfort to residents of nursing homes.  Thank you to all! 

Free Stuffed business card - Copy

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And the flowers went to……..ACLAMO Latino Community Center – always fresh and free!


I had a couple of boxes filled with an array of beautiful flowers. I took them into ACLAMO – the Latino community center in Norristown. At 4 p.m., most of the people had gone. The program director said they would like to put the bouquets that had six different colors of flowers – in the refrigerator to preserve them.

She said everyone would love receiving them in the morning. Denise and Margarita invited me to come back on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings to participate in the programs. The topics do not exactly relate to me….and will be in Spanish – but I figure it is good practice for my Spanish conversation skills. As I left, Margarita said, “These flowers were an answer to prayer.”

The table where the flowers were placed reminded me of a field of flowers or a garden. I guess I will be a WALLFLOWER tomorrow as they discuss how to control diabetes and on the other days will be yoga and a workshop on foods for good health!

Glad tidings the free fresh flowers bring – even in July!


I LOVE GOING FOR THE NATURAL LOOK – THE NATURAL LOOK OF SMILES AND FREE FLOWERS. Yes, the best things in life are free. I carried the flowers to the door, and a friendly lady welcomed me. Another lady helped me place the flowers on a table in a community room. The petals and blooms, gardenia plants, herbs and colorful bouquets were quickly transferred to the cart. And Lickety-Split, she got on the elevator, and took the “glad tidings to all” blooms to fifty people. Everything is more beautiful with free fresh flowers! Thank you to my helpers today. “Tis better to give than to receive.”



I said to Ella, “I put the last six bouquets next to the trash can. Let’s see what happens.” We had passed out 20 bouquets in the Target parking lot in Philadelphia. We were both ready to call it a day. Ella asked if I still had one bouquet of white roses. “Yes, but they are in the bunch that are next to the trash can. Wait here, I will run over and get the roses for you.” Just then, a pretty young woman spotted the beautiful flowers. She looked at them, looked to her left and right, consulted with her partner who was in a car, and then scooped them ALL up. It was just what I thought and hoped would happen. I hope that the flowers made people happy for the rest of the day and night.

Ella said this was the best day of flowering that she has had!

“There was just something extra special about the people we met today. I got so many hugs. And I especially loved meeting N. I hope we see her again. I kept saying to her I WISH I COULD TAKE YOU HOME WITH ME.” (Pictures are of  N. and Ella.)


Link to 15 minute video of The Happy Flower Day Project in action



Brilliantly Colored Use for Day-Old Donated Flowers – Give them away to strangers in a McDonald’s and Target Parking Lot – Philadelphia

What People Said Today:

  • Today is my birthday!
  • I am going to give the flowers and plants to my grandmother. She loves plants and this oregano pot is just up her alley.  She has a green thumb. Her 88th birthday is tomorrow so I have a present right here for her!
  • I am going to give these out to all of the people on my block.
  • Do you come here a lot? Can you call me the next time you are going to be here?
  •  I ain’t got nobody to give them to. I am homeless. (The young man later came over and asked for two bouquets of roses – one red and one white bouquet.)



Link to video