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Thank you for visiting my site. I am an author of inspirational, spiritual, and family-related books and the Creator of the Team of Angels pins.  Since May 3, 2013, I have devoted my life to bringing smiles to senior citizens and others who need good cheer with THE HAPPY FLOWER DAY PROJECTLink to The Happy Flower Day Main Website

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Pictured below are pictures of my two faithful flowering volunteers – trusty sidekicks for passing out free flowers adventures. Bob was a friend from my church. He was 91-years-old, served as a Navy officer during World War II, and was a Yale graduate. I learned a lot of history while driving around on our flowering adventures.

My mother Claire was in her mid-eighties when she began helping me with the flower project. She graduated from Villanova University when she was 58-years- old and was selected as the valedictorian. She wrote thirteen books after the age of 60 and always had a kind word for everyone.

I guess we are all late bloomers – just three way past middle-aged people who love being smile bloomers! NOTE: My mother needed oxygen, note the tube – she still went out to help me.

Please see the posts below for stories of our no-fuss, fun, free, fragrant, and fresh flowering good times!

Boundless Fun While Passing Out Free, Beautiful, and Donated Flowers


I started out with 150 colorful and beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers. I stopped by to surprise the residents and staff at three nursing homes. Happy Days are Here Again when I hear people say:

It’s my birthday today.

I am going to visit a sick friend later today.

I want to take these to my aunt.

Do you take them to the senior center? I met you there before.

Wow, I really needed a lift today. My spirits were really low.

Did you bring these flowers to Brightview last Christmas? I used to work there.

My co-worker Jeanette and  I were just talking about you last week and wondering WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE LADY WHO USED TO BRING THE FLOWERS? And here you are.



Free Flowers – not just for Happy 4th of July and other special occasions – every day is a special flower day

Happy Fourth of July flower sharing with FREE flowers – but the flowers celebrate other days of the year too. What do they celebrate? Just the human experience of being kindness oriented with the about- to be discarded flowers – that grocery stores can no longer sell – due to reaching the expiration date. I meet new friends in seconds when giving a bouquet to a stranger. There is “much ado” and flower frenzy when I walk into a nursing home and announce that there are free flowers for all. Link to Happy Flower Day Project website


Just another day with The Happy Flower Day Lady!

You can make merry memories – during any season – in your own community. The small bouquets and big impressive bouquets can make a great impact in terms of bringing comfort to people who need it most. I call stores in the morning and make arrangements to pick up their day-old flower donations – sort of rescue them from being thrown away,  and I give them a new purpose. (Arrangements and paperwork filed in advance of starting to collect them)

Believe me, you will find grateful flower recipients everywhere, and in what seems like a blink of an eye, a car load of flowers are given away.

Link to main Happy Flower Day site