Start Your Own Child Care Business

Do you love children? Have an entrepreneurial streak? Jot down your questions and schedule a session so that I can answer your questions about starting a home-based or facility-based child care center.

Another good idea is to start a part-time Mother’s Day Out Program. I offered that to moms in my neighborhood. It was a lot of fun and just involved offering a program twice a week.

When we chat I can tell you about my own experiences and walk you through the steps.

In the home-based child care books are dozens of ideas for rainy day activities, neighborhood excursions, sample advertisements, and suggestions for where to get free supplies.

You will learn how to: make sure the first interview with the parents and child goes smoothly, how to schedule the day so you have some time for yourself, and how to commemorate a child’s first tooth or first smile without making his mother feel left out.

Whether you are a single parent, the parent of grown children, or a person who simply loves caring for children, Patricia’s advice is indispensable. Patricia’s consultation and 3 handbooks provide the information you need to launch a business.

Patricia’s 14 books are available on Amazon and Kindle

Patricia welcomes interviews, speaking engagements and consultations on the topics of her book titles.

How to Get Your Book Published

Learn from the experiences of people just like you. If you like to write and wonder how to go about getting a book published, “For All the Write Reasons” is the book you need to learn the ropes about publishing. Patricia Gallagher and thirty-nine other experts in their field each offer a blend of reality and inspiration in this unique anthology.

Bargain Tip: Why not buy FOR ALL THE WRITE REASONS as a USED book on Amazon? Probably available for a couple of dollars or even as low as 15 cents. The information is still quite helpful, although it was published in 1991. The Resource Section is not up-to-date as so much has changed since originally published. Please use the internet search engines for current information. See link below to buy the book “used.”

Link to purchase “For All the Write Reasons” used on Amazon

Patricia Gallagher welcomes interviews, speaking engagements and consultations.

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