Big smiles to our residents

“Patricia, I appreciate the gift of your “throw-away flowers”. I was wondering if we could schedule a time to do it again. They brought big smiles to our residents and made their world a little brighter. It is a shame to waste the beautiful bouquets if they can brighten someone’s day with a colorful surprise. Each recipient had the thrill of feeling special for the day… You are not bringing just a bunch of flowers. You are bringing a bunch of messages that somebody cares. Thank you!”

-Activity Director

Great medicine for the soul

“Hi Trisha! Responding a little late but better late than never! We love that you bring flowers for our residents. Your programs are always so uplifting and beneficial to the well being of our residents – the often forgotten group. The people in the Assisted Living were so thrilled to receive a bouquet of caring thoughts –it was great medicine for the soul. Was great to see you last Monday!”

-Activity Director

You truly put a smile on all of their faces!

“Thanks so much Patricia, for thinking of us, and for taking the time to pick up flowers and deliver them to our residents. You truly put a smile on all of their faces! I think the world needs a little more kindness. Many of the people here have no visitors and never receive flowers… They need support in so many ways and the surprise visit with the flowers had a reaction that I could never have anticipated. I am glad that the day-old flowers could be re-purposed to sprout up spirits here. As I look around, I see your colorful palettes of color on nightstands, windowsills, meal trays and at the nurses’ station.”

-Activity Director

These flowers brought back happy memories for me

“Hi Patricia, You know those flowers you gave me two weeks ago – the last time you were here. I trimmed the stems, put them in a vase that I had in my closet and put in that stuff that you gave me in the envelope – you know the stay-fresh powder that makes the flowers live longer. They were in my room, right on my windowsill, for two weeks. I changed the water ever couple of days. I just threw them away yesterday. I used to love to garden so having these flowers brought back happy memories for me.”


We plan to arrange them in colorful vases

“Hi Patricia, It was a pleasure to meet you – thanks again for the “recycled” flowers! The residents love them. We sometimes use flowers as a flower arranging activity. This afternoon, we plan to arrange them in colorful vases and put them on the tables for a nice decoration in the dining room… It is great to re-purpose the flowers in a way that brings such joy to our residents. So glad that you do not let them be discarded in a dumpster. You are bringing joy… one bouquet at a time.”

-Activity Director