Glorious Flowers Galore! Where good free flowers meet good people.

On hot summer days. I have to stay hydrated and flower-drated. That is what keeps me cool and happy. I am so grateful to the stores that donate their day-old flowers to me! Lots of free flowers to pass out to brighten days for lots of people. Here are some pictures of the people who have enjoyed the gift of free flowers since I began the project six years ago.

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I love FLOWERING WELL and pollinating good cheer wherever the flowers go. How do I do that? I simply enjoy “flowering the petals and blooms forward” in Philadelphia and the suburbs. Do you think you would like to do this project too? I wrote a book that gives you the scoop. Available on Amazon. See the link to my books on the website link below.

Happy Flower Day website




Boundless Fun While Passing Out Free, Beautiful, and Donated Flowers – pollinate joy to strangers!

Do you want to crush the NO MORE WASTED FLOWERS MARKET? I have learned a lot of lessons about how to collect day-old flowers from stores, and put them to good use. Re-gifted, recycled and refreshing for the recipients.

I started out with 150 colorful and beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers. I stopped by to surprise the residents and staff at three nursing homes. Happy Days are Here Again when I hear people say:

  • It’s my birthday today.
  • I am going to visit a sick friend later today.
  • I want to take these to my aunt.
  • Do you take them to the senior center? I met you there before.
  • Wow, I really needed a lift today. My spirits were really low.
  • Did you bring these flowers to Brightview last Christmas? I used to work there.
  • My co-worker Jeanette and  I were just talking about you last week and wondering WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE LADY WHO USED TO BRING THE FLOWERS? And here you are.



The Future of “About to Be Discarded” Flowers – Recycled and Shared with Seniors

My days are all happy when I pass out flowers that are donated to me by grocery stores. What has the Happy Flower Day Project taught me? It is in giving that we receive!

“Grab your free flowers!” Actually, I do not say that – “Would you like some free flowers for your kitchen table?” And guess what people say? Always a resounding YES.

I LOVE TO SEE THE FREE FLOWERS IN ACTION! Divine gift from the earth to the people who need a little sweetness in their day.

Sometimes, I flower very light with twenty bouquets to pass out and one day, I had almost 400 bouquets to pass out. I had to make two trips to load the car – early in the morning, and then went back in the afternoon. I couldn’t bear to waste even a single bouquet.

When the flowers meet strangers who love to receive them, it is love at first sight. So glad to be the FREE FLOWER MATCH-MAKER! Actually, the flowers do not only go to seniors in nursing homes, the magic power of the free flowers is that they just seem to sense and scent people who need their days brightened. At bus stations, on the corner, at a school, in the library, in a restaurant. REAL MEN LOVE FLOWERS TOO. and REAL LADIES, AND KIDS LOVE THEM TOO.


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Free Flowers – not just for Happy 4th of July and other special occasions – every day is a special flower day

Happy Fourth of July flower sharing with FREE flowers – but the flowers celebrate other days of the year too. What do they celebrate? Just the human experience of being kindness oriented with the about- to be discarded flowers – that grocery stores can no longer sell – due to reaching the expiration date.

I meet new friends in seconds when giving a bouquet to a stranger. There is “much ado” and flower frenzy when I walk into a nursing home and announce that there are free flowers for all.  I ENJOY SEEING HOW THE FLOWERS JUST WANDER TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE and I see wonder in their eyes that someone is actually giving them a free gift of fresh flowers. How often? One hundred percent of the time!


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Where Do THE FREE FLOWERS Belong? Everywhere! “Flowering well” feeds my soul.

Where do all the free flowers belong? I use my sweet flowering soul intuition to find grateful recipients. On this 4th of July, not everything is red, white and blue. Flower power and picnic food were the recipes served for happiness in Norristown.

The festive flowers took away any “blues” that people were feeling near the parade route.

The Happy Flower Day Project is a MUST-NOT-MISS experience for me. I experience flowery bliss all the time when my car is packed with free flowers. and I am on my way to surprise strangers. The mailman, the people at the train station, folks at nursing homes, and at shelters, and hospices.

A fun and natural cure for whatever ails you.

I know that the natural bliss of the bouquets makes people happy. Flowers are an artistic medium for creating beauty on the street or in a nursing home. Try it, you might just like it.

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Flowers bring me joy and fun with a purpose! Liven up your life by helping others

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Passing out flowers may be good for you! Open your heart to those in need, pass out free donated flowers,  and the smiles will make YOUR day brighter! It is a wonderful feeling to give the pops of color away…….you will want to do it again and again. I have been enjoying this project for six plus years.



Just another day with The Happy Flower Day Lady! A “meet and greet” with lovely flower recipients –

You can make merry “flower-ful” memories – during any season – in your own community. The small bouquets and big impressive bouquets can make a great impact in terms of bringing comfort to people who need it most.


I call stores in the morning and make arrangements to pick up their day-old flower donations – sort of rescue them from being thrown away.

I give them a new purpose. (The meetings with the store manager, and the required paperwork are filed in advance of beginning the project.)

Believe me, you will find grateful flower recipients everywhere, and in what seems like a blink of an eye, a carload of flowers is given away. I love to make every bouquet of flowers count. My goal is NO MORE WASTED FLOWERS – they are too good to be thrown away.

It will be the best part of your day!

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I didn’t grow or hand-pick the gorgeous flowers…….I like to make the best of the day-old beautiful bouquets of flowers!

I love passing out flowers that are donated to me each morning from specialty grocery markets.  I have to confess that I do not know the first thing about gardening! But what I do know is that free flowers make people feel happy, and I feel happy too.

Super-flowers and meeting super-people – beneficial/bene-flowerful for all!