Gallagher Family Honored for Wells Fargo Second Half Champion Award

Wells Fargo Second Half Champion Award

Wells Fargo Advisors conducted a nationwide search for individuals age 50 and over who have made significant contributions to society, achieved remarkable goals and whose second half of life has taken on a completely different purpose than the first half. The Gallagher family was awarded the Second Half Champion Award in 2010.

John and Patricia Gallagher, with the support of their four children, began speaking to community groups and organizations about depression and specifically how it affected their family. The family penned a memoir to help other families who may be experiencing a similar situation.

In earlier careers, John and Patricia worked for major corporations. Patricia was an Account Executive and John a Financial Analyst. Both have MBA’s in Finance.

Guideposts Magazine article, July 2017 issue

Real Men. Real Dads. Real Families. Real Depression. Here is our family’s story featured as the main story in Guideposts Magazine, July issue.

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Link to Guideposts story

We welcome interviews and speaking engagements. Available to travel nationwide. I am so proud of my husband who is brave enough to talk about it, and to possibly save other lives.