Free Download of Team of Angels Poems – A Gift for You!

Do you know someone who needs a Team of Angels to help with a need? Maybe that someone is you.  Need hope, encouragement,  healing, recovery, acceptance, peace or solace?  Patricia’s poems can help! She has created more than 100 Team of Angels poems for all occasions which are shown below – available for free downloads. Click on the image of the poem to enlarge.

Scroll down to view  more than 100  Team of Angels poems for healing the mind, body and spirit.


  • First, you must CLICK ON THE IMAGE of the poem.
  • The image may automatically open in a new window – or you may have to click OPEN IN NEW WINDOW – depending on how your computer enlarges the image. Or maybe you know a better and easier way to save to your particular computer.
  • When the poem is enlarged in the new window, right click. Press “save as” to save to your own computer.
  • Print the Team of Angels poem from the file that you saved.
  • If the message says cannot open in your browser, switch to Mozilla, Internet Explorer, or another browser, and try again. Or go to your local library and print from their computer. My library only charges 25 cents for a color print-out.

Grandmothers copy.jpg

AFTER YOUR PRINT THE 8.5 BY 11 inch color copy from your printer, here are a few ideas to make it into a “gift.”

1. Laminate the Team of Angels poem at your local office supply store. Personalize and enhance the laminated poem by decorating with markers, feathers, pieces of fabric, odds and ends, buttons, ribbon, artificial flowers,  paints, trinkets, stickers, pearls, shells or other embellishments purchased at a craft or Dollar Store.

2. Buy a  frame from a Dollar Store or thrift store. Place the Team of Angels poem in the frame. Decorate the frame with ”embellishments” as suggested above. Here is an example of a poem that was  framed and “embellished.” Frame purchased for one dollar, Team of Angels poem is a free download and a few odds and ends to dress it up.

3. At the Dollar Store, I purchased 4 sparkly poster board sheets, packaged for one dollar. So you can make 4 gifts for a dollar. Just glue the Team of Angels poem to the sparkly poster board and decorate.

1. Team Of Angels for Raising Good Kids

4. You can personalize each “gift” using a Sharpie marker.  Write a message or decorate creatively on the glass of the frame or on the laminated sheet.

I hope you like the Team of Angels poems. Please share this link with others. Download as many poems as you would like. Come back to the site and download as often as you would like. We are always adding new poems. AFTER downloading,  if you like the Team of Angels greetings and care to make a donation of a dollar or two, your kindness would be appreciated.  Please click the PayPal button below to enter any  dollar amount. And enjoy downloading more than 100 inspirational poems for all occasions. Thank you very much.

Download as many Team of Angels poems as you would like. 

Permission is granted to email or place the inspirational poems on social media provided the Team of Angels poems, card design, text and concept are not altered in any way.  They may be used for your own personal use. Copyright notice must be visible  at bottom of all of Patricia’s poems. The Team of Angels pin, poem and all related products are proprietary and may not be used for any commercial purpose. Please contact Patricia to obtain special rights permission, arrange licensing agreements and to discuss collaboration with your organization. All permissions must be secured in writing from Patricia Gallagher’s legal department.  We welcome the opportunity to share ideas with you. ( or through the contact information on this site.)

Some poems are seen in several places on the list because we have used different designs. (For example, A Team of Angels for Vietnam Vets and A Team of Angels for the Overwhelmed are shown three times – all with different backgrounds or graphics.)

toa ow fiver A june 24

Thinking_of_you fiverr toa A june 24

8. Team Of Angels for Caregivers


To enlarge the text, click on the picture.



6. Team Of Angels for a Friend with Cancer

4. Team Of Angels for Cat Lovers

5. Team Of Angels for At-Home Mothers

7. Team Of Angels for Taking One Pound at a Time

9. Team Of Angels for Ministers


3. Team Of Angels for a Child in the Hospital








1. Team Of Angels for Raising Good Kids

2. Team Of Angels to Protect My Children

Doctors toa fiverr A june 24