A Way for Me to Cool Off on a Very Hot Pennsylvania Day

Ready, set, go…..on a flowering spree! I know that people are walking around with big through small problems and  I love to “tune in” to people that might like flowers.  I hope that something simple like a bouquet of free fresh colorful flowers brings cheer. I love bringing BIG and TINY rays of flowery joy. How? Just by asking WOULD YOU LIKE A FREE BOUQUET FOR YOUR KITCHEN TABLE?

  • I would like one for my wife.
  • I work at an Urgent Care – the patients and staff will love them.
  • My mother will love them.
  • Can I take them to my co-workers at Abington Hospital?
  • I work at a college. I have lots of ladies to give them to.
  • Are you passing them out? Can I have one?
  • Two bouquets went to a man whose wife was in the back seat – calming a crying baby.
  • 14 – bouquets – Two bouquets each to 7 different people who were pumping their gas at a convenience store.



Blooming smiles on a cold Philadelphia day!

Flowers from nature are good for human nature, flowery connections of a social nature….a tour de force for a happy and healthy day in a nursing home! Eight bags of them – about 80 bouquets. Smiles bloom for residents, employees and visitors. And many times, we take flowers to people we meet along the streets or in restaurant parking lots. The perfect way to start my day – as a volunteer Flower Lady!


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