Giving a random act of flowers

Happy Flower Day Project delivers the surprise of flowers throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

For the residents of Legacy Gardens Personal Care Facility in Bristol, Thursday was chugging along at its normal pace until “the famous flower lady” stopped by to bring them a random act of flowers.

As each resident, some over the age of 100, was handed a lovely bouquet of flowers free of charge, their faces lit up. Who was this stranger handing out flowers? Why was she doing it? Read the full article (subscription required)


Happy Flower Day Makes the News!

Patricia Speaking to Seniors Why has Patricia Gallagher collected many thousands of bouquets of fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s day old cast-offs? She would like to share her story so that others can do the same in their community – pass out the beautiful blooms and petals that would be normally be thrown out at the end of the day! Every morning, 7 days a week, she picks up the “day-old bouquets” and takes them to Philadelphia area nursing homes. Please click the link to WHYY Philadelphia public radio story by Maiken Scott, Behavioral Health reporter. There is a Download Audio button under the frame on the bottom left. There are 10 photos.

Read the Original WHYY Article and listen to the audio interview with Patricia Gallagher.

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Gallagher Family Honored for Wells Fargo Second Half Champion Award

Wells Fargo Second Half Champion Award

Wells Fargo Advisors conducted a nationwide search for individuals age 50 and over who have made significant contributions to society, achieved remarkable goals and whose second half of life has taken on a completely different purpose than the first half. The Gallagher family was awarded the Second Half Champion Award in 2010.

John and Patricia Gallagher, with the support of their four children, began speaking to community groups and organizations about depression and specifically how it affected their family. The family penned a memoir to help other families who may be experiencing a similar situation.

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Storytelling for Seniors

You are never too old or too sick to enjoy a good story!

Over the past five years, I have been going to visit a group of wonderful WWII Vets and seniors living in nursing home facilities. I give each resident a warm, cozy lap blanket, bouquet of fresh flowers or a stuffed animal. Most of the Seniors are in wheelchairs, with big wheels, metal sides and brakes, far removed from the way they used to get around.

To learn more about this project, please contact me or visit the full site, where you can read some of these amazing stories.

Happy Flower Day

Since I began the Happy Flower Day Project in May of 2013, thousands of residents of senior living facilities have been surprised by the gorgeous flowers donated by Trader Joe’s. I am so grateful to them for sharing so many beautiful bouquets. It has been so much fun for me!

Thousands of bouquets of fresh flowers have been delivered to surprise people in need of a smile! Please read how the Happy Flower Day Project began and also my daily blog about where flowers are taken each day.

Moral of the story: Never underestimate the power of a bouquet of flowers for someone in a nursing home or even on the street! The heavenly fragrance, the beauty and the surprise of a gift of flowers has shown me that little things mean a lot.