Speaking About Depression Project

Truth: A Way Back for a Man and His Family

Our family was profoundly impacted by the devastating effects of depression, but by opening up about it, we have created positive possibilities in our lives. And we have become much closer because of it. This experience inspired our family to write the book No More Secrets: A Family Speaks About Depression, Anxiety and Attempted Suicide. As a family we have been featured in the press and have been guests on television and radio programs. We welcome the opportunity to share our story to help other families.

We have also launched a website (www.speakingaboutdepression.com) and community blog for people who have suffered with depression and their families who have been affected by the depression, as well. Speaking openly about depression has helped our family and we hope that this site will help you.

To learn more about my story please contact me, or visit the speaking about depression website.

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