Patricia’s Special Projects

Embracing the Community through Service Projects

Below are the projects that are close to my heart.

Claire’s Front Porch and Tea and Talk Topics began on December 1, 2015.   There are no costs to attend the Tea and Talk Topics with Trisha and Claire’s Front Porch gatherings. At this time, Claire’s Front Porch is closed. We will let you know when Claire’s Front Porch begins serving the community again. We are looking for a new location to host Claire’s Front Porch.  Please contact me for information as the phone numbers on the brochures below are not current.

Here are photos of my mother whose life of service inspired me to begin Claire’s Front Porch. 


mom mom with red blazer great

If you would like to get involved or learn more, please feel free to contact me.





Listed below are some topics for Tea and Talk with Trisha discussions.

When Prayers Go Unanswered

Have you been praying faithfully for a person, place or situation to change? Do you feel that God has not heard your prayers, petitions or pleas? You might be angry that God does not seem to be there for you at a time of loss or suffering. Are you sad, frustrated, and upset and wonder if prayer even works? You may have blamed yourself thinking that God does not care or He does not consider your pleas worthy. Come to our Care and Share gathering to refresh your spirituality and be comforted that God is taking care of you – in ways that are not evident. Uplifting, inspirational and hopeful! Take heart, friends, Divine Providence is working – even when God feels faraway.

Letting Go of the Pain When You’ve Been Hurt

We have all had difficult times in our lives. We have been hurt or even devastated by words or actions. The pain in our hearts often consumes us with sadness, confusion, anger and hate. Do you want to begin to heal? Join us for a Care and Share gathering as we talk about ways to deal with the difficult emotions that come from the pain that is inflicted upon us in our homes, workplace and friendships.

Journeying through Loneliness

We all have times of loneliness in our lives – when we long for someone to be a companion, share good times and to make us feel “alive again.” We want to have someone who listens and cares. To hug us. To love being with us. At this point in your life, you may not have someone to be physically and emotionally present for you. And it hurts when you experience loneliness. Come to our Care and Share gathering and learn ways to work through this circumstance in your life. We will explore how to connect with others in social situations and open yourself up to new exciting possibilities.

Family Caregiving: When It Wears You Down

Do you have someone in hospice care, or a loved one who needs chronic care at home? Is the person in a nursing home? The responsibility may be for a physical or emotional illness. You might feel worn out, unappreciated, and depressed from all of the duties that have fallen upon your now fragile shoulders. Learn how to take care of yourself – in the midst of the suffering around you. Uplifting and inspirational – you will be glad that you came!

Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sadly, there are so many experiences that have traumatized our friends and families. And maybe even you. A return from a war zone, living in an abusive situation, witnessing a crime, experiencing a flood, hurricane or tornado – so many devastating life situations. Come to our Care and Share gathering and talk about your feelings with others. And begin to heal – one day at a time.

When Your Child is Being Bullied

Remember when we used to hear “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” How untrue! Ask anyone who has ever been excluded, made fun of, taunted or bullied. Come to our Care and Share gathering and learn what steps you can take to handle this seriously dangerous epidemic. We will discuss ways to empower your child and enlist the support of school staff. This is not a problem that can be handled by your child alone.

Responding Positively to a Difficult Diagnosis

Have you or a loved one received bad news? Every day, people receive a diagnosis of an incurable disease or a condition such as diabetes that necessitates a change of lifestyle. Come to our Care and Share gathering! We will discuss ideas for positive thinking and positive steps to move forward as you gather information and make critical decisions about care options. Medical conditions cause stress and turn lives upside down. Take heart, your new friends in this session understand what you are going through. Courage and grace are needed. And we will share lots of ways to maintain good spirits and continue living vibrantly despite what the doctors’ science books say.

Five Steps toward Forgiveness – Finding the Healing Strength to Forgive

It is hard to forgive. You may not want to forgive. It may seem impossible. What are the benefits of forgiving? We are NOT forgetting – or allowing bad behavior to continue. Join us for a Care and Share gathering and begin to heal a conflict with someone. Learn the words to say and how to prepare yourself for this major step forward. Like many others, you have been violated, betrayed, cheated upon. You are hurt, angry and have obsessed over the wrong done to you. Not sure if you even want to try to reconcile or forgive someone? Join us for an interesting discussion about the feelings of disappointment, sadness, hopelessness….and how the process of forgiving may help you on your journey.

Parenting a Troubled Teen

Come to our Care and Share gathering for support and ideas for how to reclaim your child from rebellious, angry, unhealthy and destructive behavior. When one person in the family is troubled, it affects everyone. It is not only the teen’s problem; it has become a family problem that robs all of you of peace. You feel stress, anxiety and may not know where to turn for help. You may be struggling with guilt feelings about your parenting efforts or your child may have said things that have torn your heart out. You are not alone. There is a Chinese proverb that says: “Nobody’s family can hang out the sign: Nothing the matter here.”

Climbing Up from Depression

Feeling blue? Or is it more than that? Want to learn ways to feel less anxious, be happier and begin to enjoy your life again? Join us for a Care and Share gathering as we discuss ways to lift our spirits and climb out of the doldrums. We will share ideas about how to manage worry, talk about sources of additional help and give you techniques to increase feelings of peace and calm.