Happy Flower Day

Since I began the Happy Flower Day Project in May of 2013, thousands of residents of senior living facilities have been surprised by the gorgeous flowers donated by a specialty food market. I am so grateful to them for sharing so many beautiful bouquets. It has been so much fun for me!

In the beginning stages of the project, I posted on a daily blog about my adventures and where the flowers went…..but during the past few years,  I have not done that. I just love taking the flowers to surprise people and have not worried about blogging……just merry-making with flowering!

I have two books that will help you if you would like to bring joy to people via “Flower Power.”

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More than 28,000 bouquets of fresh flowers have been delivered….and the number is always on the rise! Please let me know if media links are not working, and I will email videos and photographs to you.

Please read how the Happy Flower Day Project began and also my blog about some of the flower adventures. 


Moral of the story: Never underestimate the power of a bouquet of flowers for someone in a nursing home or even on the street! The heavenly fragrance, the beauty and the surprise of a gift of flowers has shown me that little things mean a lot.

Both books are available on Amazon/Kindle.

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Patricia welcomes interviews and speaking engagements.  Lots of photos, video, and suggested interview questions available. May be available on short notice. She welcomes the media to accompany her as she cheers elderly patients with the gift of  free flowers.

Cell: 267 939 0365
Photo credits: WHYY and The Moment Photography, Terree Yeagle

Here is a letter that was written by an activity director after I delivered flowers to her senior community multiple times. She wrote the letter to AARP Magazine.

Hi Patricia – below is an e-mail I just sent to AARP. I thought I would share it with you to show you just how truly inspired I am to know you!


Sent: Saturday, January 24, 2015 10:07 AM
To: kindness@aarp.org
Subject: Flower Lady Brightens the Lives of Local Seniors One Bouquet at a time….

When I picked up my latest copy of the AARP Bulletin and read the “Random Acts of Kindness” article, I immediately went to my computer to send you this e-mail.

This past Friday, I had the pleasure and honor to welcome Patricia Gallagher (the flower lady) back to our retirement community in Bucks County, PA.  She needed help unloading over 100 bouquets of flowers from her small car to deliver to our community’s senior residents. I immediately grabbed one of our carts and headed to the door. Patricia unloaded bag after bag of beautiful floral bouquets onto the cart and off we went to deliver them to everyone and anyone she met in the halls of the community! She doesn’t just give each person a bouquet, she often sings to them “Happy Flower Day.” She gives everyone a big hug and thanks the employees for their dedication and the residents for just being who they are!

I can’t tell you how inspiring Patricia is. I jump at the opportunity to help her deliver the flowers because I love seeing the looks on the faces of all those who are fortunate enough to meet her and receive a bouquet of their own. She brightens so many peoples’ lives one bouquet at a time!!!! If just a few of us followed her lead, imagine how beautiful and fragrant our world would be.

I believe Patricia has delivered over 20,000 bouquets to date. That means over 20,000 people have been the recipients of her flowers and her love!

The flowers are donated to Patricia from  a local market that is very popular in the community. No monies are ever exchanged – it is purely a Random Act of Kindness on behalf of the floral/grocery market and Patricia.

I hope you agree with me that Patricia is someone who is a perfect fit for your column. I’d be happy to send you photos of her delivering flowers and also arrange for you to speak to her if you like.