Start Your Own Child Care Business

Do you love children? Have an entrepreneurial streak? Jot down your questions and schedule a session so that I can answer your questions about starting a home-based or facility-based child care center.

Another good idea is to start a part-time Mother’s Day Out Program. I offered that to moms in my neighborhood. It was a lot of fun and just involved offering a program twice a week.

When we chat I can tell you about my own experiences and walk you through the steps.

In the home-based child care books are dozens of ideas for rainy day activities, neighborhood excursions, sample advertisements, and suggestions for where to get free supplies.

You will learn how to: make sure the first interview with the parents and child goes smoothly, how to schedule the day so you have some time for yourself, and how to commemorate a child’s first tooth or first smile without making his mother feel left out.

Whether you are a single parent, the parent of grown children, or a person who simply loves caring for children, Patricia’s advice is indispensable. Patricia’s consultation and 3 handbooks provide the information you need to launch a business.

Patricia’s 14 books are available on Amazon and Kindle

Patricia welcomes interviews, speaking engagements and consultations on the topics of her book titles.