Reinventing a new purpose for about to be discarded flowers!

Flowers have proved the test of time, as I have discovered in the five years that I have been picking up flowers from stores that were about to discard them.

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Here are pictures of three people who were not looking for flowers, planning to buy flowers, or hoping for flowers but who were just somewhere along my flowering giveaway path. The man was a visitor in a nursing home who said his mother loved flowers, the lady with the plants was getting out of her car to enter a store, and the lady in the white blouse was at a senior center.

Hopefully the flowers renew, refresh and revitalize spirits wherever they end up each day.

Happy Flower Day to all!



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Re-purposing flowery trash to flowery treasures – for strangers!

Sometimes, I just leave flowers on the pavement outside of a laundromat. I write in Spanish. THE FLOWERS ARE FREE. Las flores son gratis.

And within 15 minutes, the “flowery finds” are gone. I watch from my car and see people happily taking them. On Friday, I placed 40 bouquets and plants on the ground. Love to see happy people carrying bundles of flowers in their arms! One store’s trash is another person’s treasure. (Stores donate their day-old flowers to me. They would normally be discarded.)

Only one bucket of flowers – wondered who needed them for good cheer!

You can make 60 people smile in less than an hour! It’s your turn to start a Happy Flower Day Project in your neighborhood.

Want to reclaim joy in your life?

Looking for a purpose at this point of your life?

You can re-purpose and rescue perfectly good  flowers. Stores normally  discard flowers that are close to the expiration date. One man’s trash is another person’s treasure. Giving flowers to strangers is a natural high – and it is free and fun to do.

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Gather your own homespun/homegrown flowers from your garden – roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas – and take to a nursing home!

Get set for the summer season with the kids and grandchildren with a  no-cost fun thing to do. You probably have some beautiful tulips, daisies, daffodils and other flowers in your garden. Your neighbors may have some too.  Here is simple activity that will provide a fun opportunity for your children to do a random act of kindness – linking generation to generation to generation.

You can brighten the rooms of nursing home residents. And brighten spirits too.

  1. Pick some bright and cheery flowers from the garden. Find some pussy willow branches, greenery, twigs and natural treasures.
  2. Put them in containers such as tea cups, Mason jars, assorted glass jars or vases. Even soup cans with the labels removed are fine as vases. Add water.
  3. Tie ribbon leftovers, cording, yarn, raffia, twine or anything decorative  around the  container. Glue rickrack. Let your imagination soar. Get crafty with all of those odds and ends, buttons,  and fabric scraps that you have around the house.
  4. Decorate the containers with stars, stickers or any items that you have around your home, Or purchase some little decorating  items at a dollar store. Hot glue beads to the ribbons.
  5. Write a note on a small card or gift tag. “Have a nice day.” “You are special.” “Hope you like the flowers.” “Have a blessed day.”
  6. Trace the outline of a cookie cutter design on card stock and cut out the shape. Attach thin cording to the card and place on the jar/vase. Write a message on the card.
  7. Or simply download, print and cut out gift tags or messages from the internet.
  8. Or simply cut the flowers in your garden and tie a ribbon around them. Beautiful and natural.  All lovely hues.
  9. Call in advance to plan this project. Or just go to a nursing home with your gifts. Ask to speak to the director, activity coordinator, manager. Or tell the receptionist that you and the kids made some gifts for the residents.
  10. Ask if you can pass them out to people who do not have family or friends that visit.  Or place them on the dining room tables. The flowers will add cheer wherever they are placed.
  11. I am sure that you will receive a warm welcome.  Mingle and flower.  Your gifts will be a welcome addition to small rooms that need a crafty creation.
  12. The best things in life are free. Helping others is free and fun.


New life for day-old flowers. And close to expiration sweet treats!

The Happy Flower Day Project seeks  to bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of strangers – by of all things – bringing them day-old, beautiful, donated bouquets of flowers.

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Here is a video showing a day in the life of The Happy Flower Day Lady.  Link to video


Ella, my ninety-three year old neighbor and I started our Tuesday morning by picking up colorful bouquets of flowers, six mint plants, three basil plants and an oregano plant. And four  chocolate cakes, six cartons of cookies, a few packs of muffins and some apples. It took us less than a half hour to take six bouquets of flowers to a lady who was going to visit her sister-in-law in hospice care, and the treats, some flowers and the plants went to a family who needed food.

As we drove down the street, we spotted some others that we thought might like a flowery sign of support, friendship and encouragement. Ten  bouquets were given to three young men standing on a corner talking on their cell phones, six bouquets went to two ladies in a store, and a few bouquets went to two men who were walking along the street. And finally, a few bouquets were placed on the front step of a shut-in who suffers with health problems.

Here are some pictures of some of the people who have received free flowers over the years.

How to communicate JOY without saying a word to strangers?

TODAY: Giving away 295 bouquets of fresh beautiful bouquets was a way to flower-up something amazing!



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Once in awhile, the stores have other things for me. On Friday, we had cartons of potato salad, lettuce, lots of fresh ripe red strawberries, two pies, cookies, salads, cupcakes and flowers.

And so we went on our way: to a cancer center, an auto repair shop, to a few shut-ins, to people walking down the street, a thrift store, a McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant window, an adult day care center,  and a laundromat…….and then we called it a day! All in a day’s work – there is a lot of joy passing out grocery items and flowers. I love these simple pleasures on an ordinary day with Ella, just swapping stories about life, laughing, and meeting lots of nice strangers!


What happened today?

  1. The lady at the laundromat put the potato salad in the refrigerator. She knew a few families in need of food. She called them to come to pick it up.
  2. A woman who had lost her job was thrilled to get the flowers.
  3. The thrift shop manager arranged the flowers in vases, tied ribbons to the vases….and gave to the customers as an appreciation gift – an end of the season gift – since the shop was closing for the summer.
  4. People on the street could not believe that they were getting delicious treats. Nobody said NO to cupcakes, strawberries and pies. .
  5. A lady receiving cancer -related tests at Fox Chase Cancer Center was so happy with the flowers.


Speed dating. Speed skating. But Speed PEPPERING-ING, what the heck is that?

One day, when I was planning to flower my day away, something unusual happened. I drove to a store expecting to pick up carts of flowers…… and there were no flowers waiting….. but…….the store representative said that he had some boxes of food .

What’s a Flower Lady to do?

Hmmm, I thought – maybe boxes of yummy pies, cakes, cookies, watermelons, bananas. They are really  easy things to give away to people in need.

BUT NINE BOXES OF RIPE BEAUTIFUL DARK GREEN PEPPERS? Nine boxes with 35 peppers in each box. A total of 315  JUMBO peppers.

Can you imagine the smell of that many peppers in my car – driving from Philadelphia to Norristown?

John and I did a 15 MINUTE  “speed peppering giveaway” in Norristown.

All 350 disappeared in 15 minutes. One lady was a sort of spokesperson. She received the first box.  Isabel created a buzz among the other ladies on the street who spoke Spanish….and the word on the street spread quickly PEPPERS GRATIS! (PEPPERS FREE!)

Some boxes of peppers were given to Mexican people on the street, some to folks in the laundromat, and some peppers were taken to ACLAMO.

ACLAMO Family Centers, a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, provides educational programs, social services and health access to Latino and other low income residents by empowering them to succeed and become productive members of society.

Sometimes flowering is unpredictable but my day is always flavor-ful whether with flowers or peppers. I can almost smell the Mexican Green Rice and the Mexican Stuffed Peppers being cooked right now.  ”M’mmm! M’mmm! So Good!” 

Stopped in at a McDonald’s to get a cold drink and found a grandmother who took a bunch of peppers for her family!

I recruited three volunteers unexpectedly along my flowering trail!

Some people say they are going fishin’ for fun. I say going flowerin’ for fun!

I was parked in front of a senior center. Three young men saw me struggling with all of the flowers. They asked if they could help me carry them in. Not only did they carry them in but I “recruited” them to pass them out to the seniors in the center. And one young man asked if he could volunteer there. The coordinator told him about the opportunity to come  each morning and help them pack the food for Meals on Wheels. He plans on doing that. WOW! Here are my three unexpected helpers who helped me share the joy of flowering. Thank you to J, E and K!


  • My mother is in the hospital. Can I have a bouquet and a plant?
  • You are doing a good thing giving out flowers!
  • I am going to give one to my housemate and the other one is for me. I am going to put a vase of the flowers in her room and she will be surprised when she gets home.
  • Do you need a volunteer? I can help you.
  • I am taking ten bouquets to give out to the elderly on my block. Is that okay?