“The Send a Team of Angels to Help Movement”

How did the Send a Team of Angels to Help Movement Begin?

Some people say that I tried to pin the world together, one angel pin at a time. What I was really trying to do was pin my own family back together, one prayer at a time. A “Team of Angels?” Where did the thought even come from?

I began the “Send a Team of Angels to Help Movement” quite by accident, or was it divine Providence? During the months prior to my husband’s accident, I wrote poems. I sat in a church or in my living room scribbling my poems on napkins and scraps of paper.

I also kept a notebook in my car, in case I was inspired while driving.

I jotted my thoughts and worries down and rhymed the words into verses, sometimes while watching my kids at sporting events, or sitting in a doctor’s office.

That year, I filled several Dollar Store notebooks. I didn’t know much about the computer, so everything was done the old-fashioned way, by longhand. I called them Team of Angels poems.

I crafted little angel pins from materials I purchased at the craft store. I attached the homemade-on-the kitchen-table angel pins to pieces of cardboard, bearing my poem. Writing the poems and making hundreds of the little pins was my way of coping, with the uncertainty of my own life.

The pins were later made into gold lapel pins. Please contact me directly if you would like to purchase the actual Team of Angels  gold lapel pin attached to a glossy bookmark bearing select poems. You will receive 1 Team of Angels pin and 5 bookmarks.  The cost is $12 which includes postage. (Limited number of pins and bookmarks available.) 



The verses of the poems were little prayers. The first poem was titled A Team of Angels for the Overwhelmed which aptly described my feelings. I then added hundreds of other poems to my sort of daily diary of my feelings.

They expressed the confusion and despair in my own life, the anguish of a frightened wife and mother, dealing with a husband suffering with depression. I never had any intention of “Mom’s little angel pins” becoming a ministry or business. Over 125, 000 of my Team of Angels pins have traveled worldwide.

I authored three books about my “Team of Angels” adventures.
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I welcome interviews and speaking engagements.

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